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Father’s Day Sales Roundup Part I

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

Following-up to our earlier blog post on our Locallectual Father’s Day choices, here are some great sales from across the web to purchase America-made for the dad in your life!

Jack Robie Shirts – made in NYC
20% off

truffle truffle of Chicago
Beer and Pretzel collection – 20% off with code DAD20

SurfMonk – made in Malibu, California
20% off men’s full length robes (exp 6/14)

Chesapeake Bay Crab Cakes & More – Baltimore, Maryland
$10 off order of $75 or more with code ANY10 at checkout (exp 6/11)

Know a Locallectual company with a Father’s Day special? Send it our way!


The Locallectual Father’s Day Gift Guide 2012

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

Father’s Day is less than two weeks away, and honestly, it seems to me that every year the whole thing (like most holidays) becomes more and more commercialized. But I’ll be honest – I’ll take any excuse to shop. If you’re gonna give a gift and spend some money, why not help boost the American economy with some domestically-made gifts? It may seem like a daunting task to find the perfect thing for Dad that’s made near by, but yoohooo!, that’s what we’re here for!

Some ideas for every kind of Dad:

The Rocker Dad:

Drew & Sebastian Guitars – made in Oak Hill, Virginia

Guitar-Stor Guitar Stands
– made in Northern Virginia

Last Ave Amps – refurbished, vintage amps made in San Fran

The Chef Dad:

Holler Designs Cutting Boards – made in Lascassas, Tennessee

Viking Ranges and Grills – made in Greenwood, Mississippi

Lamson & Goodnow Cutlery – made in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts

The Athletic Dad:

Byron Putters - made in Huntington Beach, California

Moot Cycles – made in Steamboat Springs, CO

Solid Sit-up – made in San Clemente, California

The Outdoorsy Dad:

Wiggy’s Sleeping Bags – made in Grand Junction, Colorado
Ocean Kayaks and Paddleboards – made in Bangor, Maine

Ardent Reels – made in Macon, Missouri

The Stylish Dad:

Gregg Wolf Bulldog Cufflinks – made in New York City

Jack Robie Shirts – made in New York City

Oak Street Bootmakers boat shoes – made in Maine

The Techie Dad:

dzdock electronics docks - made in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Kogeto Panoramic Camera – made in New York City

Random Monsters iPad Case by DODOcase – made in San Francisco

Find even more awesome goods for the dads and other men in your life, let’s be honest, ANYONE at Also check out our great finds in image form on our Pinterest page!


Jess’ Gift Guide – Gifts Giving Back

Saturday, December 11th, 2010

It’s always been important to give a gift that the recepient will love, or at least, like. But with more and more people understanding the true power of their dollar, it’s very simple to buy locally-made gifts that give back to their local economy. Why not even take it a step further, and buy gifts that are local AND manufactured by companies that give back to their communities and planet? I know, that’s a lot ot take in, and might seem overwhelming. However, this gift guide will make finding a gift with the perfect combination of giving back easy.
Some of Jess’ picks of stylish gifts that give back:

Cranberry Island Kitchen of Cumberland, Maine

Baked goods always make great gifts (who doesn’t love something decadent and fattening?), but they can be time consuming to make. And let’s be honest, many times the professionals’ goodies come out better. Whoopie pies are a New England tradition, and as you can imagine, the best ones use local, New Englad ingredients. That’s why you should get the sweets lover in your life whoopie pies from Cranberry Island Kitchen.  The 20-something year old Kitchen uses ingredients from the area, including sea salts from the the Maine coast, and gives back to the coast as well. At least 10% of CIK’s sales go back to charities, including The Island Institute, an organization dedicated to preserving the ecology and communities of Maine’s islands.

Jordann Jewelry of West Palm Beach, Florida

If you know anyone thats a sucker for jewelry (cough, cough, right here, yooohooo), then be sure it’s domestically-made and it gives back. Jordann Jewelry makes fantastic pieces that can be personalized with the initials of your recipient. Along with her personalized charm necklaces, Jordann makes a line of necklaces and bracelets that benefit the charity Locks of Love, which takes donors’ hair (10 inches or more) and makes it into wigs for financially disadvantaged children in the US & Canada suffering from long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis. Make this gift that much more personal by accompanying it with a donation of your hair to Locks of Love in the name of your recipient.

Barley & Birch Kids Clothing of San Diego

Another great feature of the perfect gift will be that it will give you peace of mind. You can have that with Barley & Birch clothing. The line of kids tees and onesies is made with every facet being carbon neutral. That’s kind of a big deal. Barley & Birch’s fun designs also benefit various organizations around the world, including those that help rural farmers learn sustainable practices and those that provide shelter to abuse victims. And another great feature? The designs are wicked cute.

GAIA Linens of Dallas, Texas

While many companies give back by donating a portion of their sales to charity, GAIA takes women in the Dallas community that would normally be considered “charity cases”, and empowers them with living wage employment. GAIA’s linen napkins are made by marginalized women in Dallas, with the goal of empowering them to realize their own financial independence and self-sufficiency. Not only are these napkins gorgeous and their production is helpful to women, it helps the environment, too: they’re all made from vintage, repurposed or sustainable fabrics.

These are just a handful of the wonderful companies dedicated to producing fabulous products and helping others at the same time. It’s not to hard to find other like-minded companies when purchasing your holiday gifts. Just check out the Locallectual directory!
Happy Holidays and Local Love,
The Locallectuals

Holiday Shopping at its Local-est in Central Virginia

Friday, December 10th, 2010

Central Virginians: tonight and tomorrow, be sure to check out the 5th annual Holiday Craftacular presented by Cville Craft Attack. It will be held at OpenSpace from 4-8 tonight and from 10am-5pm tomorrow.

Over at The Bridge, you’ll find Great Gifts: A Holiday Shop featuring unique handmade and vintage gifts with over 30 artists and craftspeople participating. Shop now up through January 26th.

Finally, the Goochland Farmers Market is pleased to offer a second special indoor Holiday Market at the J. Sargeant Reynolds  Community College Western Campus tomorrow from 10am-2pm. This market of local purveyors will feature many holiday goodies perfect for gift giving!


Carolina Retail Packaging Produces Random, Eco-Friendly Bags

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009
My Random Bag happened to have a crazy, awesome animal print.

My Random Bag happened to have a crazy, awesome animal print.

While on the subject of wines, I might as well bring up how cool Random Bags are.  Random Bags are a type of wine bottle bag.  According to Carolina Retail Packaging, the manufacturer of these products, the randomness comes from the wide variety of prints that make there way onto the bags.  For example, the last bottle that I purchased from the producer had leopard (or cheetah?) spots all over it.  The best thing about buying Random Bags is that you literally never know what you’re going to get.  Kind of like Forrest Gump pondering the inner flavors of his chocolates.  Actually, even better than that element of surprise is that the paper for the bags is completely reclaimed.  Carolina Retail Packaging basically takes whatever large paper scraps that are leftover from another paper producer and then shapes its random wine bottle bags from what would otherwise be a waste product.  Fun, eco-friendly, made in Lexington, South Carolina; Random Bags would be a good choice for any retail alcoholic beverage vendor.

The Perfect Wedding Gift: glassbaby

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009


It’s almost wedding season. It seems like once you pass the age of 24 every summer you have at least two friends getting hitched. With all these weddings a gal could go crazy trying to keep up with department store registries and bridal shower themes. A couple years ago I decided to go my own route with gifts and try to be a bit more original and unexpected. In my experience my favorite gifts that I have received have always been something I love but might not buy for myself… either because of budgeting or simply because I was not aware of it. My gift of choice this summer is going to be a matching set of votive candleholders from glassybaby in Seattle. With a store just up the road in Madrona and more then 70 colors to choose from I know I can find something for every bride on my calendar.  The company was started in 2001 by Seattle native Lee Rhoades and has since grown to sort of a secret staple on the tables of some of your favorite Seattle restaurants. According to Lee: “As glasses, glassybaby are beautiful and useful: they act as cups and goblets, and the transparent colors are ideal for this job. glassybaby are dishwasher safe and are practically indestructible when you drop them… a glassybaby creates an aura of love and good that fills the heart of anyone.”  How lovely is that? In the season of love what could be better then gifting the aura of love? And I can personally attest to their durability because, being a natural klutz, during a recent trip to the store I did happen to drop one, on a hard wood floor no less, and the sucker did not break! I’ll be toting a pair to my dear cousin Erika’s wedding in Detroit this June (that’s right I said Detroit in June) in an incredible shade called “Jane’s Caramel” that, when lit, glows a warm golden orange reminiscent of the sky just after the sun sets.  So beautiful!

each glassybaby is hand blown

each glassybaby is hand blown