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4th of July Fashion Show

Sunday, June 30th, 2013

We know – the 4th of July is mostly about food, outdoor activities (many involving water and/or explosives) and time with family and friends. And while we do mostly remember that it’s a time to celebrate the freedoms we’re fortunate to have as citizens of a democratic nation, we don’t always remember to honor our freedoms to start our on businesses and appreciate the work of our entrepreneurial neighbors.

Celebrate it all with family and friends by eating locally grown foods during your cookouts and decking out your whole family in American-made apparel.

Here are some of our picks to be fashionably festive during your 4th of July activites:


For HIM:

Taylor Stitch Men’s Apparel
Made in San Fran


Loggerhead Apparel
Made in Greenville, SC of American cotton
20% off your order thru July 3rd with code JULY4USA


For HER:

Ramona LaRue 
Miami, FL

Imogene + Willie
Nashville, TN



Votary NY
Made in New York City

Nina Falana Hats
Made in Chicago, IL



Tipsy Skipper Sandals
Watch Hill, RI


Prairie Cottons
Made in Barboursville, VA


Up Country Collars
East Providence, RI

Have any favorites we missed? Add them in the comments!

Local love,

Our New Obsession: NOVIS Collection

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

I want every piece from infant line NOVIS, launched earlier this year by designer Jordana Warmflash. (Best last name ever? I think so). NOVIS Collection is named for Jordana’s grandmother Gwen Novis Warmflash and is timeless and classic while being on trend with the season. And the texturally driven fabrics just scream out to be touched! With demure yet sexy silhouettes, it’s going to be hard to keep gentlemen’s hands off of you. Here’s hoping :)

A few of my favorite pieces:




Local Love,


UPDATE: Team USA’s 2014 Winter Olympic Uniforms to Be Made in the USA

Friday, July 13th, 2012

Congrats! Team US Citizens has expressed enough disgust at Ralph Lauren for producing Team USA’s 2012 Summer Olympic uniforms in China, that Lauren has issued a statement saying 2014′s winter uniforms will be made in the USA! Just yesterday, Ralph Lauren declined to comment, but now has decided to speak out and change his production of the uniforms due to outrage from both you and our leaders in Washington.

Well done, Team! More proof of our power as consumers and citizens!

Local Love,

Oh Say Can You See…The Made in China Tags on Team USA’s Uniforms!

Friday, July 13th, 2012

Honestly, I’m not sure anyone should be surprised by this, as Ralph Lauren has no commitment in place to American manufacturing. Yes, Ralph, once again has designed  Team USA’s Olympic Opening Ceremony outfits, and yes, once again they aren’t made in the United States. I say once again because he designed the Chinese-made outfits for the Vancouver ceremonies as well. Why didn’t we hear about it then? Because the good news is that in the past four years Americans have become more aware of manufacturing practices.

And what’s more, now the House and Senate are rallying against these imported uniforms. Yesterday, both Republicans and Democrats joined together in a show of solidarity, against the decision of the United States Olympic Committee  to dress our team in imported apparel while the American textile industry struggles with millions of American workers desperate for jobs. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid stated “I think they should take all the uniforms, put them in a big pile and burn them and start all over again.” House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi told reporters at her weekly news conference that she’s proud of the nation’s Olympic athletes, but “they should be wearing uniforms that are made in America.” And House Speaker John Boehner said simply of the USOC, “You’d think they’d know better.” OUCH.

See all of Harry Reid’s thoughts:

The U.S. Olympic Committee defended the choice of designer Lauren for the US uniforms. “Unlike most Olympic teams around the world, the U.S. Olympic Team is privately funded and we’re grateful for the support of our sponsors,” Olympic Commitee spokesman Patrick Sandusky responded. “We’re proud of our partnership with Ralph Lauren, an iconic American company…”

And when has any man in America ever worn a beret? David Lauren, Ralph Lauren’s Executive Vice President and his son, told the Today show that the company was ‘very inspired by the 1948 Games, which is the last time that American competed in England.’ The outfits are supposed to be an ‘updated take on old-world elegance.’ Nope, still douchey to me. We look like we should be Iceland in the Mighty Ducks II – the team you want to hate.

What do you think? Should a private company that’s helping fund our teams be forced to support American workers? They’re already supporting our athletes – should they do more when it’s not their normal practice? And what do you think of the uniforms?


Local Love,

Fourth of July Sales You Need to Know About

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

Another holiday, another excuse for a sale or two or three. Here’s a few Locallectual companies having 4th of July sales you should check out.

Love Ophelia (Made in Los Angeles, California):
Extra 20% off sale items with code JULY4 (ends July 5th at 12am)

“Sweet Georgia” Robe now $52 with additional 20% off


AG Jeans (South Gate, California):
Semi-Annual Sale, Save up to 50% Off on Men’s and Women’s Denim and Apparel


Kiel James Patrick (made in Cranston, Rhode Island):
20% discount for spreading the word to friends and family. Use the Trendyr to share your purchase on your Facebook and Twitter pages, and save 20%. Find Trendyr on the ‘View Cart’ page.


City Threads (made in Los Angeles, California):
40% all apparel with code FIREWORKS at checkout


Guaranteed your local neighborhood retailers will be having sales too. Be sure to shop with them and buy American-made goods. Show your patriotism and support your neighbors!




The Locallectual Father’s Day Gift Guide 2012

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

Father’s Day is less than two weeks away, and honestly, it seems to me that every year the whole thing (like most holidays) becomes more and more commercialized. But I’ll be honest – I’ll take any excuse to shop. If you’re gonna give a gift and spend some money, why not help boost the American economy with some domestically-made gifts? It may seem like a daunting task to find the perfect thing for Dad that’s made near by, but yoohooo!, that’s what we’re here for!

Some ideas for every kind of Dad:

The Rocker Dad:

Drew & Sebastian Guitars – made in Oak Hill, Virginia

Guitar-Stor Guitar Stands
– made in Northern Virginia

Last Ave Amps – refurbished, vintage amps made in San Fran

The Chef Dad:

Holler Designs Cutting Boards – made in Lascassas, Tennessee

Viking Ranges and Grills – made in Greenwood, Mississippi

Lamson & Goodnow Cutlery – made in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts

The Athletic Dad:

Byron Putters - made in Huntington Beach, California

Moot Cycles – made in Steamboat Springs, CO

Solid Sit-up – made in San Clemente, California

The Outdoorsy Dad:

Wiggy’s Sleeping Bags – made in Grand Junction, Colorado
Ocean Kayaks and Paddleboards – made in Bangor, Maine

Ardent Reels – made in Macon, Missouri

The Stylish Dad:

Gregg Wolf Bulldog Cufflinks – made in New York City

Jack Robie Shirts – made in New York City

Oak Street Bootmakers boat shoes – made in Maine

The Techie Dad:

dzdock electronics docks - made in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Kogeto Panoramic Camera – made in New York City

Random Monsters iPad Case by DODOcase – made in San Francisco

Find even more awesome goods for the dads and other men in your life, let’s be honest, ANYONE at Also check out our great finds in image form on our Pinterest page!


Fill’er Up! What We Want in Our Closet Now: Raquel Allegra

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

One of my favorite parts of Locallectual is discovering all the amazing designers designing and making their lines stateside. Yes, you may end up spending a little bit more for American-made apparel and other fashion needs, but you’re getting a limited-made, high-quality good.  Plus, isn’t it comforting to know you more than likely won’t run into your outfit doppleganger out on the town?

My style crush of the week is Raquel Allegra. The Cali born and raised designer started with deconstructing and reconstructing tshirts and has since developed out her line to include skirts, dresses and other pieces. Raquel’s pieces are flattering and sexy but DIFFERENT. These are the kind of pieces that people will stop you on the street and compliment you on because they’ll never have seen anything like it. And you’ll be on even more of a high about it when you can proudly say that it’s NOT from the Gap. Just sayin…

Here are a few of my favorite pieces from her current collection.

Fern Maxi Tank Dress

Dots Nude Pencil Skirt

Fern Deconstructed Tank

I really REALLY want this tank!

If I had an unlimited budget, I fairly confident I could turn the economy around solely with my love of clothing and accessories.  And I’d start with Raquel Allegra’s pieces.


Calls for Entries – the 3rd Annual Made in the South Awards

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

Hear ye, hear ye! Garden and Gun Magazine (my favorite zine) is looking for nominations for their 3rd Annual “Made in the South Awards”.

We’re big fans of this yearly award as they reward quality craftsmanship in products made in the American South (Virginia and below, got me?).  Nominations are accepted in 4 categories —Food, Home, Outdoors, and Style & Design. A panel of editors and judges, including James Beard Award–winning chef Mike Lata of FIG, Carrie and Matt Eddmenson of Imogene + Willie, Katharine Hable Sweeney and Susan Hable of Hable Construction, and outdoorsman and G&G contributor T. Edward Nickens, will choose a winner and honorable mentions in each category. Winners will appear in G & G’s December 2012/January 2013 issue in their amazing photo spreads (seriously, they have amazing photographers on staff – see images below), receive a $500 cash prize, and a chance to be a part of their Made in the South Awards online boutique.

The pic below features 3 of last year’s winners – Williams Knife Co. of Greenville, South Carolina, Otis James ties of Nashville, and Jason Cohen Wood Artisan of Louisville, Kentucky. All beautiful products that will last you a lifetime. Invest in your neighbors who take pride in their creations and buy their goods. If you know someone like this and making goods below the Mason-Dixon, nominate them for the Made in the South Awards by August 1.



Locallectual Newsletter: Austin-tatious? We Don’t Think So…

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

Austin-tatious? We Don’t Think So…

Jessica says: I just returned from a little shindig in Austin, Texas called SxSW. You might have heard of it – it’s ten days of music, film, comedy, and interactive media. So of course, while in Austin, I had to soak up the locavore culture – and this electic city has plenty of it. Here are some of my Austin picks:

Walton’s Fancy and Staple

Walton's Fancy and Staple

Austin has embraced the food cart kick – they’re everywhere in the Texas capital. And although I have no complaints about the quality of Austin’s “street meat”, I desperately wanted a good, light lunch. I found exactly what I wanted at Walton’s Fancy and Staple, a gourmet deli and bakery serving classic deli fare with a gourmet, local kick. My choice (and it should be yours too): a pressed caprese panini with fig preserves and a side of spicy potato salad.

Tito’s Handmade Vodka

Tito's Handmade Vodka

You can’t go near a bar in Austin without seeing Tito’s – everywhere. But I’m not arguing about it because Tito’s Handmade Vodka is one of the smoothest vodkas I’ve ever had. Distilled six times by Tito and his team in Texas’ oldest distillery, this vodka also leaves minimal hangovers. Trust me on this one.

Leighelena Jewelry

Leighelena Jewelry

Leather apparel is in no short supply in Texas. Leave it to Austin to put a clean, modern spin on leather with hip leather bracelets from Leighelena Jewelry. The leather cuffs, in a variety of widths, colors, and textures, can be dressed up or down and go from the streets of Austin to the streets of NYC with ease.

Heritage Boot

Heritage Boot

If you want leather goods that are a little more Texan in fashion, then invest in a pair of Heritage Boots. Created using the finest skins and leathers and vintage patterns from the 1930′s – 1960′s, these handmade boots (by boot elves, no less) will grace your feet for years to come.

Austin’s unofficial slogan is “Keep Austin Weird” and Austin’s not weird, just refreshing. Its culture is hip, quirky, friendly and classically Texan. Above all else, it’s 100% American and 100% Austin, making it one of my favorite cities, and a favorite among locavores everywhere.

Local Love,

The Locallectuals

Made in USA Not Always as it Seems

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Washing.  It’s the phenomenon of wiping the slate of your brain clean as well as the cycle you put your clothes through.  In this ever-soiled world, there is always more washing to be done.  Now the term has expanded.  It’s gone beyond the vocabulary surrounding cults and housewives and has gone towards the flooding of markets by the media.  When on the topic of sustainability, green-washing is also ever-present.  And, not long ago, local-washing became a new word on the horizon.  So, what about it?

We know that buying locally made goods is important.  And as soon as we, as consumers, proclaimed that priority, savvy businesses followed suit with letting their customers know that their product too, is local.  Using the zeitgeist as a marketing tool is fine as long as it’s not false.  For instance, not long ago, Juicy Couture changed the tags on its products from “Made in the Glamorous USA” to “Designed in the Glamorous USA”— an assertion that was probably much closer to the truth.  But, can a product that is Made in the USA from foreign-sourced materials still be considered and then labeled as an American made good?  Our answer at Locallectual is, “yes”— as long as it’s labeled that way.

I started thinking more deeply about the dilemma not long ago when I learned that clothes by Catherine Malandrino—one of my all time favorite brands for women—were USA-made.  I did a bit of research online and learned that the products are in fact made here but from fabrics that had been imported.  Had I been local-washed?  My personal take would be, “no.”  Though there are plenty of brands that, when they say they are local (read: national), they really take the conservative route and use American made materials to craft the Made in USA goods, the literal end result remains much the same.  Take the brand, Prairie Underground.  The Seattle-based company uses, “…local sewers, dyehouses, knitters as well as sustainable fabrics like hemp and organic cotton sourced directly from the United States whenever possible.”  Now, that’s an exceptional case, and I’d love to see more of it.  Until then, let’s take it one step at a time, and document our triumphs with proper transparency as we go along.


Clothes by Catherine Malandrino are assembled in America but made from foreign fabrics.