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Debate of the Day: Whole Foods vs. New England Fisherman

This debate may put New England locavores between a rock and a hard place. Who do you support? Whole Foods or local fisherman? The debate: Whole Foods in New England have stopped selling local catch that they consider to be not sustainably/over-fished. Unfortunately for many local fisherman who were supplying the green chain, this is bad news, as gray sole and skate, common catches in the region, are on WF’s blacklist. And if Whole Foods isn’t buying, your business could be hurting.

Whole Foods defense: It’s doing its part to address the problem of overfishing and help badly depleted fish stocks recover, using ratings set by the Blue Ocean Institute, a conservation group, and the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California. Gray sole, skate, and the ever popular Atlantic cod are all on the list – and all common catches for New England fisherman. In fact, New England’s Atlantic waters are some of the most overfished regions. And Whole Foods is not the first to make this decision. BJs Wholesale Club is planning to sell only sustainable seafood by 2014. What does this mean for small fishing businesses?

Read the rest of the article from the New York Times. Who do you side with?


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