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With Just a Click or Two, You Can Help Local Producers

Okay, so some parts of the “buy local/eat local” movement seem like more work than the others (i.e. growing your own veggies, raising chickens). BUT fear not, if you are more of a web surfer than a green thumb, you can still be an active participant in the movement. Some opportunities have arisen that allow you to give your support without really having to do much.

First, vote for your favorite artisan/crafter to win a coveted spot in Martha Stewart’s Holiday Craft Sale (she is the Queen of Crafts after all!). I just voted for my personal favorite (and a Locallectual!), Maptotes. Originally making just tote bags with maps of great places on them, the line has since expanded to include onesies, paper goods, and awesome wine totes like this one here. Hurry up and vote. Oh and a little plug for Maptotes – if they win a spot, they’ll give 15% off their online store – can’t beat that!

Maptotes "Manhattan" Wine Tote

Concerned with sustainable food production? Concerned about the environment, or maybe big business? Then join, where being an active member of society has never really been easier. The website makes it easy for you to sign petitions on matters across the US, helping to stop changes that could negatively affect our towns and greater communities. Find an area you’re passionate about and read up on the issue. Sustainable food your thing? This week you can sign petitions to legalize beekeeping in Santa Monica, force the FDA to label genetically-modified salmon as such (scary, huh?), and to tell the USDA to stop marketing fast food cheese. Compelled? I sure was, and regularly sign petitions. Know a cause that needs help? Start your own petition on the site. This site is a fabulous way to get involved without a lot of fuss.

Of course, the Locallectuals believe we can all be a little more active in the world than this – but we’re all busy and sometimes this is all we can do. And remember – every little bit counts, no matter what the cause.


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