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A Trip to the Farmers Market a Day Keeps the Doctor Away?

Image via the New York Times

“Eat your veggies – it will make you grow big and strong.” We’ve all heard it, but doctors in Massachusetts are trying to make kids (and grown-ups) eat more veggies to keep them out of their offices. The New York Times reported not too long ago about doctors in Massachusetts giving coupons (or veggie “prescriptions”) to their patients that are good at farmers markets with the hopes of increasing their daily intake of fruits and veggies. This in turn will help fight childhood obesity, along with helping local farmers and other producers fight the fast food industry. And farmers markets are already coming out swinging – farmers’ markets are doing more than $1 billion in annual sales in the United States, according to the Agriculture Department.

A great program all around and it’s spreading – over 36 states now have farmers market programs in place aimed at women and children.  So listen to your doctor, for your health and the health of our economies.


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