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Local Desserts Dominate a Few Hours in Williamsburg

I travelled to Williamsburg a few weeks back for the first time in about ten years.  In fact, the last (and only other) time I had been was to visit the historical area with my father.  I had been a Felicity fan (of the American Girl series) as a kid and wanted to visit the place where she was supposed to have been from.  No longer a young girl now, there are some things that interest me more than dolls.  Notably, as regular readers know: local food.  This time around, I spent the few hours I had in Williamsburg traipsing from eatery to eatery.  My two favorites were the Blue Talon Bistro and Wythe Gourmet Foods & Fine Confections.  The former is an American-style French bistro, complete with quaint seating and the usual Euro dishes.  I ended up sitting down for just a quick snack there and it proved to be delicious: homemade Burnt Sugar ice cream and whipped cream with espresso to even out the sweetness.  The service at Blue talon was also fantastic, and we learned that the restaurant’s owner lives locally and has other establishments in the area.  Wythe, on the other hand, was definitely more down-home Virginia in feel— like a typical, traditional candy store.  If you stop by, go for the fudge.  It’ll have you craving more yet happy with just as much as you’ve eaten.  How many foods can you say that about?  I wonder what will draw me to Williamsburg next…


The outdoor space at Blue Talon is perfect for enjoying an afternoon snack.

Wythe Candy is a direct throw-back to the past.

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