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Retro Done Right: Grass and Clover



Ask me about any notable event in my life, from the age of four on, and I can more then likely tell you what I was wearing. One of my most favorite of all favorite outfits was a matching vest and knickers outfit that my mother made for me. The vest was quilted and reversible daisy print, one side purple with white flowers, the other side white with purple flowers and the knickers were pleated at both the waist and knee with a Velcro closures. Velcro had just come onto the market and purple was my favorite color. I can see it in my mind like a photograph, and to be honest, I wish I still had it. When I saw the line from Grass and Clover the prints instantly took me back to that outfit. Grass and Clover is a NY based company started by a mom, already in the fashion industry, looking for cute clothes for her daughter. The line features T’s and hoodies for both boys and girls with one of a kind, hand-sewn appliqués of vintage fabrics. Owner and designer Sara was inspired by the patchwork quilts her own mother made when she was a young girl. Sara has taken her love of clothing design, and combined it with the quilting techniques of her mother to create appealing pieces. Easy to wear and adorable, I can see how the ice cream cone T might instantly become your son or daughter’s favorite shirt.

applique ties

applique ties

ice cream cone

ice cream cone

–Raven Alexander

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  1. Serena says:

    The little boy in the picture looks like someone I used to date. If he were about twenty years older, of course.

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