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Seattle Cheese Festival: So Gouda!

Toothpicks ready at Willapa Hills stand

Toothpicks ready at Willapa Hills stand

There were in fact seas of tourists.  I swear I was twice almost taken out by a mob of couples each attempting to navigate doublewide strollers down the cobblestone streets of Pike’s Place Market. After I checked to make sure I still had all my limbs, I reminded myself that these cheese enthusiasts were bringing some much needed benjamins to our neck of the woods.  Maybe I should have made sure they knew that Nordstrom, a Seattle original, was just a couple blocks away?  But I digress. It was the first day that really felt like summer might actually be coming our way.  The temperature, at least where I was, got all the way up to 75 degrees! With the sun on my shoulders and Gouda on my mind I navigated my own way through the crowds to the booth of Samish Bay Cheese, a 100% organic farm in Bow, Washington. I picked up the small morsel of light orange Gouda attached to a wooden toothpick and had no idea that, the cheese would bite me back. WOW!!  That’s a lot of flavor. I love a really great aged cheese with a lot of sharpness. This was like sharp cheddar on crack. Hard, crumbly, delicious. I was off to a great start. As typical of  Seattle events people were lined up patiently, in single file lines, waiting their turn in a civilized manner. I made my way through several stands and was starting to get a bit dazed by it all and then I came upon Willapa Hills Farmstead Cheese, and their “Little Boy Blue.” Made of wild sheep and cow’s milk and aged 60+ days it was creamy, almost silky, and so flavorful my taste buds were jolted awake. While not officially organic, the Doty, Washington farmstead raises their flock of ewes on pesticide-free pastures, locally-grown grass hay and without growth hormones. You know I half-expected my favorite cheeses to be French or Italian and therefore not part of my Locavore diet but, I am happy to declare, that these two local farms had the best cheese I tasted all day. Proudly, Washington State makes some great cheese. Definitely worth checking out!

Cheese Heads

Cheese Heads


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5 Responses to “Seattle Cheese Festival: So Gouda!”

  1. Serena says:

    I cannot believe how intense this cheese festival is! Which I were there…

  2. localchick says:

    I was going to say the same thing, Serena! Sounds fantastic.

  3. Ida Oetgen says:

    Were there cheese-makers from everywhere? Even from Europe?

    That sounds super fun and would have been perfect with some wine!

  4. Stephen says:

    Raven, we are thrilled you loved our Little Boy Blue! FYI -More awesome blues are in the ripening room. Come July we hope you will try them too! Oh, I also blogged about you blogging us. I love Google blog alerts! See you at next years festival if not before…

  5. MichaellaS says:

    tks for the effort you put in here I appreciate it!

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